SNEAKERS: DIZYGOTIC Cheech & Chong’s Next Shoe

DIZYGOTIC releases the Cheech & Chong colorway of Project Alpha telling the story of the iconic comedy duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong’s second movie in 1980: Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie.

  • The release features a similar color but mismatched materials with various elements belonging to the outfits worn by Cheech and Chong in their film “Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie.” 
  • the mudguards are designed with Cheech’s blue dotted shirt and Tommy’s bandana with the exact same pattern as the ones they wore in the original film in 1980.
  • the heels are made of faux sheepskin and corduroy to showcase Tommy Chong’s sheepskin vest and Cheech Marin’s beanie in the movie, with Cheech & Chong embroideries in the center.
  • the real horsehair is used to reflect Cheech’s second character Cousin Red’s grey animal skin coat and red wild-looking hair. Cousin Red’s turquoise jewelry is evoked by the inclusion of a brooch.
  • A washed denim material is implemented all across the right shoe to pay tribute to Tommy’s classic denim worn throughout the movie. 
  • the velvet shoe lining demonstrates the symbolic fluffy car dashboard and the red curtains from the van in the movie.
  • The insoles are printed with Cheech & Chong’s famous lowrider van decal, where the duo gained more respect by changing their original “Copycat Productions” into a true warrior-angel in the movie – a kind message said to friends and brethren alike is printed across both insoles.
  • A pair of “Ain’t that a peach” napkin cloth inserts, which are inspired by one of the funniest magic scenes performed by the duo, is included in the shoes.

Project Alpha Cheech and Chong features an all-premium top-grain pigskin suede upper, with a perforated suede toe box and Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong embroideries reflecting their classic movie characters. The pair features a mismatched material design and an asymmetrical design on the lateral and medial sides. The insoles also boast memory foam lining and their famous movie components on both insoles. Strobel boards above the midsoles come with mismatched logo prints. Mismatched color Vibram megagrip outsoles provide additional stability and durability. Each pair is handmade in Nectar Lab instead of an assembly line.​


A pair of round hemp braided rope laces with logo aglets.

A pair of blue rope laces with logo aglets.

A pair of 3m reflective white flat laces with logo aglets.

A turquoise stone brooch.