MUSIC: The Kittyhawks | Pirateska Rebellion | The Resignators | Sanny Veloo

The Kittyhawks are the latest member of Melbournes perennially thriving ska scene, featuring several ex-members of beloved ska rogues, Sounds Like Chicken, rounded out with some fresh faces.

The debut single “Danger in the Middle” was called the “best Australian ska punk release in many years” by Ska Nation Radio, and their debut live shows were described as “chaotic energy breathing life back into the ska scene”

The band made their first festival appearance at Ska Nation 2023 alongside Mad Caddies and Area 7, and the debut album was released in March 2024.

This was the second time out seeing the band, and despite some issues with the sound system, they put on a high energy show to an absolutely packed house at the Cherry Bar, which is no longer where it used to be!

The Kittyhawks 

Pirateska Rebellion

The Resignators

Sanny Veloo

Melbourne’s newest ska punk band “The Kittyhawks” have hit the live music scene like the sonic boom they promised. It is a live show not to be missed!

Their long awaited debut album, “From Brass to Bullets”, hits shelves on March 1, 2024!Born from the dying embers of Melbourne’s lovable rogues Sounds Like Chicken, The Kittyhawks have already released 3 singles, “Danger in the Middle”, “Rally Cry” and “World Tonight”, to great acclaim all round the world; a phenomenal achievement for an upstart ska-punk outfit! 

The album draws inspiration from everything from a classic love story between two serial killers, a song inspired by a horn riff that appeared in a dream on honeymoon, through to a song about a pig with a misfortunate condition.“The album is superb, the band is simply superb. I make no bones about it, this is the future of Australian ska punk” – Ska Nation Radio