The Garrixon Zoo Shoe

As part of my role with Aglet, I get access to some pretty amazing stuff. Aglet has teamed with Garrixon to assist in the production of the Aglet One Low shoes. At the time of writing three of these shoes have been released, the Aglet One Low OG, The Aglet One Low Daverunner, and the Aglet One Low Black Gum.

I have had a great time working with the guys from Garrixon, and I was really pleased recently when they sent me a 1/1 pair of Aglet One Lows.

Garrixon Zoo – Sneaker creatives building bespoke experiences

The Garrixon Zoo is a group of creatives with the Garrixon team who select rare or interesting materials and then create a unique 1/1 design.

Take a look at the box they sent my 1/1s in. They went to so much work to create a really amazing experience receiving the shoes.

Each of the stickers, the stencils, and the stapled ‘warning labels’, were all hand created. The interior was lined with straw, and the shoes sat on top of the straw.